Quizzes You know you love them

Whether it’s finding out how healthy you “really” are or which Sex and the City character you are, we all love quizzes. I think women in particular. Maybe it’s hard to evaluate ourselves. Or we’re unsure about something and we want confirmation.

For whatever reason, quizzes can be helpful, insightful, and great for learning about ourselves. Welcome to my page of quizzes and links to my favorite quizzes from around the web.

Have fun, learn about yourself, and be honest! Enjoy!

Which Long-Term Travel Method is Best? If you dream of long-term travel, but don’t know which route to take, this will help!

Should you have kids? It’s a life-changing decision. Just because everyone does it, doesn’t mean it’s for you. Find out.

Should you leave religion? If you really need someone to tell you yes or not, I made this quiz for you.

Which Disney princess are you? A different Disney princess quiz. There were some strong-ass women in Disney. Which one are you?

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