Meet Min Pei: Young Chef & Restaurateur

I’d like to extend a HUGE welcome to our first featured Amazing Woman. Min Pei. At only 28 years old, Min Pei has accomplished what most young chefs hope to accomplish by the time they are 40. She is the head chef at her family restaurant “The Donkey Kitchen,” a unique Spanish-Taiwanese fusion restaurant in the heart of Madou, Taiwan (countryside north of Tainan).

Head Chef Min Pei, Madou Taiwan



It’s not every daughter who can take her mother’s dream and make it a reality. But Min Pei has, having traveled all the way to Spain to learn the art of Spanish cuisine and to obtain her Master’s degree in Tourism. After a year of study she returned to Taiwan to teach her mother all she learned, recreating famous Spanish dishes with Taiwanese flair to make The Donkey Kitchen truly one of a kind. I know I’d never heard of Spanish-Taiwanese fusion. Despite how odd it sounds, the dishes coming out were amazing visually and tasted just as good.

Head Chef Min Pei and her mother, Madou Taiwan

I’d like to feature Min Pei because, as a 27 year old myself, I truly admire how much she has accomplished for being so young. She speaks Mandarin, English, and Spanish, has her Master’s degree, and went abroad for a year to study.

Head Chef Min Pei, Madou Taiwan

She wears many hats at her family’s restaurant, from waitress or janitor, to chef and purchaser. She’s always moving. Whether it’s signing for deliveries, whipping up an amazing dish with expert precision and speed, or taking wine classes, she’s always striving to improve her skills and her restaurant.

Head Chef Min Pei, Madou Taiwan

On top of all this, she involved her family in Workaway, a program where they agree to host travelers in exchange for some work. This is how I was fortunate enough to discover her. Not only does she and her mother run this restaurant and two B&B’s, but they are nearly always hosting at least one traveler. Which means making additional meals and taking them around when the restaurant is closed. Min Pei is truly an inspiration and a woman I hope to learn from. (Sorry, Min Pei, I mean GIRL I hope to learn from!) I can’t wait to see how far she goes in the next several years.

Head Chef Min Pei, Madou Taiwan

Not only is she skilled and accomplished, but she was incredibly warm and kind. I highly encourage either a visit as a customer, a B&B guest, or even a traveler to help out at the restaurant. This girl is quite brilliant.¬†She is Life Outside the Cage’s FIRST amazing woman (girl!). Welcome, Min Pei!

I spent two weeks with this lovely girl, helping out in her restaurant and donating any time I could. You can read about my experience HERE.

What do you guys things of this amazing young woman? Let’s show her some love in the comments! This young lady is really amazing!

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