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CES Letter

This is the single best piece of literature for opening your eyes and shattering the illusion of the Mormon church. Written by a member, it is a list of questions he presented to the Church which they couldn’t answer, or did answer, but with information that was horrifying. (The site itself has more info, but basically if you’ve ever wondered if the church is true, but there is a shit ton of history and information to research, this compiles it all in a beautiful and concise way. It’s long, but you’ll be absorbed. I read it on one sitting and IMMEDIATELY wanted out.

I will warn you – you’ll be crushed. Knowledge in religion can be shattering. But then you have a choice. Either you accept the lies, the disgusting deception, and you stay for the “community” or, like me and many others, you want out of that cage and you’ll take truth over that false “community.”


Whether you’ve read the CES letter already and you need a new community or you’re a closet Ex-mo looking for like-minded individuals who understand and support you, you’ll find it on Reddit.


This was actually where my husband discovered the CES letter originally. You’ll find a new community, support, encouragement, understanding, and an outpouring of true love. Not the “love” you got from church, that was fake, conditional love. Love that abandons you when you leave the church. Love that has brainwashed people. But here you’ll meet amazing people, even if you’re not ready to leave just yet.

And me!

Lastly, I offer myself as a resource. You’re a strong, beautiful, smart woman. You don’t deserve to be lied to, to be belittled, and to have your life decided for you. YOU are who I designed this blog for.

I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter so you never miss a post and you get special notes, tips, and advice in your inbox to remind you who you are and who you can be. I’m here to encourage and inspire you. I hope to build a community here on Life Outside the Cage of women just like you and me, who are slowly breaking free from our cages. I welcome you to be a part of that.

While Reddit is great, it’s not quite what women soley need. Women suffer the most when they leave religion I think. I haven’t seen any resources like this online which is why I created it myself. I combined my passion for travel and feminism into a blog just for women who are breaking free from cages I was once in myself. This is the blog I’d have liked when I broke out. Join a community.

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