Who (or what) is Life Outside the Cage?

Shelby of Life Outside the CageMy name is Shelby. And I wasn’t always a traveler. I wasn’t always a lot of things. In fact, I was very much a person without much control. I was a bird flapping frantically at the cage I was in. It wasn’t pretty.

But I’m breaking free. Welcome to life outside the cage. A place to see the world as it really is and experience life in someone else’s shoes.

Here we learn languages and customs, we buy and eat local, we respect different cultures, we meet the locals, and we leave the place better than we found it. I’ve broken free from my cage so I can explore the wonderful world and share it with you.

A person’s cage can be a restrictive way of thinking, pressures of society, or anything that prevents them from true happiness. It’s up to you to find your cage and break free.

My cage was a religious cult and being female. I was meant to have children, to be submissive to my husband, and to follow the expectations of society until I die. But I’m breaking free. Instead, I left Mormonism, am a childfree advocate, and wish to travel for the rest of my life. I am on a journey to discover who I really am without those negative influences and demands. I’m experiencing a life never imagined possible. It’s my life outside the cage.

And outside the cage I’m learning the world is memorizing, people are fascinating, and life can be an adventure instead of an obligation. While this blog is for everyone, I feel women will especially connect, as women have less liberties when it comes to their lives. Solo female travel is still taboo, childfree living still shamed, and breaking traditional gender roles is an uphill battle.

So whether you’re interested in sustainable, immersive travel; want to demand more from life and expose your own cage; or you just want to widen your perspective, you’ve found your home.

Join me. Join the revolution, the rebellion, the resistance. We’re off the traditional course and not looking back. We’re doing more good in the world, making more authentic connections, and becoming better humans. We’re leaving 9-5, career ladders, gender roles, and organized religion. Dramatic? Possibly. Bad ass? You betcha.