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Shelby Morrison of Life Outside the Cage


My name is Shelby and it’s awesome to meet you! Here at Life Outside the Cage, I want to show you the amazing world just waiting to be explored and understood. The cage is the norm, the expectations society places on us. I wanted out. And I invite you to come with me.

Together we’ll travel ethically, and immerse ourselves deep within cultures around the world. We’ll search for transformation and try to leave places better than we found them. We’ll make friends in every country. We’ll be travelers, not tourists. Come with me as I break the limitations and perspectives of my old life and experience something better.

The goal of Life Outside the Cage is to share our amazing world through the cultures that shape it, the nature that beautifies it, and the human connections that make it worthwhile. Whether you want to travel yourself, or do so vicariously through me while learning about the world, welcome.